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I am katie sutter, the one behind the camera, the emails, the instagram, this website. Im 24 years old, married for 4 and a half years to me best firned Joshua. We have one son, George, who will be two in september and a baby girl coming early december. Ive been in photography for about six years and shooting weddings for about 4 years. this all started for me when i was in highschool, i always had a camera with me. i would take pictures of anything and everything and eventually the yearbook staff started to ask if they could use my photos, then friends started to ask for family photos, senior photos, portraits, their kids birthday parties and anything else. i went with it, i loved it then and i love it now. i have a passion for capturing the moments that matter in your life. for serving people by capturing memories that they can look at and pass on for a lifetime. its not about what i think will get the most likes or look good on my website or instagram feed, its about capturing the raw love and candid moments that make you who you are. i love to guide family’s, people, or couples through the process of posing in a natural way that helps them be comfortable and feel the most themselves during their sessions. if you think we would be a good match, head over to my contact page and lets work together!